Summer 2k16

I have been meaning to start up a blog to chart down my stories and things I want to say in a safe space.

I just finished my sophomore year at UCSC, and I am just relieved that the year is over. It was a harsh year, academic wise, like declaring my major, catching up on units, and taking classes that really challenge you. My health, physically and mentally, went to shit this year. My days were riddled with overeating and having mild, but plenty of anxiety attacks. There were times to, especially in winter quarter, that I wanted to slip back into depression. My boyfriend was away, school was tough, and I felt alone. Yes I had friends, but it was a different kind of loneliness. I don’t know how to explain it.

This summer, I want to dedicate the time to heal myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was always on edge at school, and I still feel like I am even though it is over. I feel like I must be doing something constantly, but there is nothing to do. I like being busy, but not to the point where I am dying mentally. So this summer I want to set realistic goals for myself in order to heal and prepare myself for the upcoming year. Wish me luck!

Some goals for the summer:

  • Start running/walking again routinely
  • Read the entire Vampire Academy Series
  • Also read the various books I bought but not read yet
  • Learn new recipes
  • Paint and draw more often (I miss art)
  • Lose the weight I gained in college this year
  • Finish the tv shows that I started but have not yet finished
  • Take care of myself: like plucking my eyebrows when they get bad or remembering to wash my face in the morning
  • Write in this blog as often as possible

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