Searching for Spidergwen

Today was just riddled with disappointment. Around the country, the funko pop Spidergwen has been released, but every Hot Topic store around my area did not have it in stock. I called at least eight different places, but nothing. This morning when I called the store, the woman on the phone said they had it in stock, but they just need to open up the package it was in. So she told me she will call back once she finds it. She never did call. So I went to the store, and my mom asked the cashier if they had it, but she gave this nasty attitude and said, “We don’t have it.” My hope faded away. I was confused and angry because I was told that they had it in stock. Sometimes I do not understand why certain people are able to get hired in stores when they are such assholes. Like how come I can’t get a job, but they can? I don’t know.

I am going to try looking again tomorrow…..


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