Morning Rambling

Sometimes I really dislike my mom. She is the worst person to give advice because she basically has a negative view of every aspect in life. Well today’s topic was about me getting married after I graduate from college. By then I would have been with Anthony for over 4 years, and we have known each other since high school. This is not some random guy I met at a bar and after 2 months I am getting married. I am marrying someone who I have known for a long time, someone who has seen me grow, someone who is my best friend.

My mother does not like the idea of marriage. She keeps comparing me to my sister, and her friend’s daughter because they both are almost in their 30s and do not want to get married yet. Well guess what, they are their own people and they decide what they want to do. I am not them. Then she rambles on trying to compare her life with mine and how she got married at 21 it went bad. Well my mom got pregnant with a random guy at a bar and her parents forced her to marry him. These are totally two different lives.

She continues on saying I should take things slow and wait till I am older, but the thing is what am I waiting for? Why do I need to take things slow if I am with someone for so many years, why should I wait? She thinks when people are married they just start having kids, but there are so many married people who don’t have kids. I don’t really want kids. And then she laughs at me because I am planning a future with Anthony and she throws a tantrum because I am not taking her advice. She has no say on what I should do with my life because she is not doing anything with hers. My goal this entire time is not to become my mother. I am not her, but for some reason she wants me to be like her. It’s like if she can’t be happy then no one else can. I need to get out of here.


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