Penny Dreadful Season Finale


The season finale….*sighs* was heartbreaking and there were so many tears involved. Also it turns out that the creator of the show has discontinued the series so season 3 is the final showdown. But through the tears, there are so many plot holes that I wished could have been filled or for the story to take a different turn in regards to each character.

  1. Dr. Jekyll/Lord Hyde: Henry Jekyll was introduced this season and there was a lot of buildup towards him becoming Mr. Hyde. The show hinted at his anger and lust for recognition, and also he and Frankenstein created a serum that can make someone “perfect.” They only had one subject to test the serum on, but we never found out if it actually worked. I thought Dr. Jekyll was going to use it on himself and then as an “experiment gone wrong” turn into Mr. Hyde. But no, the show just left him inheriting his father’s estate and money, granting him the title Lord Hyde. But thats it. Nothing else.
  2. Lily Frankenstein: I thought it was really brave for both Victor and Lily to come to a mutual understanding and some form of love in a way towards each other. I found Lily’s character to be one of my favorites. However, she worked so hard to start a revolution, but she simply just abandoned the idea. Also when she confronts Dorian Gray after he betrayed her, I thought it was going to be an epic showdown. But again, nothing. We do not know where she is going, what she is going to do. We never even get to see Ethan and Lily meeting face to face. There was no absolute closure.
  3. Dorian Gray: I have been rooting for Dorian since season 1 because his character had a lot of potential for greatness. In his original story, he ends up redeeming himself and gaining back his soul when he slashes his painting. I thought the season would end with his death, but maybe in a form of redemption. Or at least Lily killing him off, just something. We get no origin story from him, but we do on every other character. I was really excited to see where the story was going to take him, but it just ended with him telling Lily he will wait for her. But he just had a whole speech that he had given up on the whole idea of caring and passion, so why would he expect her to come back to him? You just get a glimpse of what he is thinking that after being alive for so long and watching everyone you care about die, you just stop caring to avoid all the pain. I also thought since Sir Malcolm formed the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that Dorian would join, by the request of Frankenstein, to help save Vanessa. Since in season 1 he said he would protect her soul. This was a moment where every monster, every main character, was going to unite. I know he has a soft spot for Vanessa. Even though he claims he cannot care or have passion for someone, I know he feels something for her. But the show just ends his character’s story alone in his mansion.
  4.  Dracula: First, Dracula is my babe and he barely got any screen time. I believe he truly loved Vanessa regardless of what other people think. When he saw her body, he put his hand over his chest and his face was overcome by sorrow.  He even spared the other characters’ life. He eventually ran away, but we do not know where he went or what he will do next. I thought a season 4 story line would be about the league hunting Dracula and killing off the remaining vampires. The story also neglected to show Dracula’s true form since they hinted at it earlier in the season. There were no master vampires either since they were main thing in season 1. I wanted more screen time between Dracula and the evil version of Vanessa. Vanessa did love him, so I expected more. Just overall I wanted more development with his character.
  5. Ethan Chandler: All I got to say this boy is confusing and flip floppy. I was just really annoyed with his character this season. That’s all I got to say.
  6. Vanessa Ives: I thought her death was heart breaking, but it gave hope that her soul was saved. However, this entire series built up the idea of the “Mother of Evil” and how she is this all powerful being. But Vanessa did not show any of this. I thought she was going to have a showdown with Ethan, but she just told him to shoot her. We do not get to see her power and the apocalypse was not as scary as the show worked it up to be. I did not think you could simply kill off her character so easily. Also one of the characters brought up that there is a possibility that her soul would be reincarnated again, I mean it makes sense since she was the reincarnation of Amunet to begin with. Another thing too was that I wished Sir Malcolm was the one who pulled the trigger or at least he had the chance to say goodbye to her. They were both separated from each other this entire season and did not have any interactions. I felt more sorry and heartbroken for him than Ethan.

This show just had so many plot holes, unfinished stories and a rushed ending, and I was just disappointed because there was so much potential. Overall though, I loved this show and I am going to force my boyfriend to watch the series with me all over again.


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