Midnight Rambling #2

Sometimes I don’t like being right about certain things. Like how I was telling my friends that I don’t want to return home for the summer because home becomes a living hell. And I was right. Everyday this past week has been a nightmare and there is always something new to fight about.

My dad is a fucking baby. On Father’s day I went out with my mom and my siblings to go to the mall then grocery shopping, so we were out for about 2 hours. We got home around 5pm and we all originally planned to go out to dinner. But my dad like the selfish prick he is, said we are not going to eat that night because we came back late. First, it was not even late. Second, we were not out for that long and he had been sleeping the entire time we were out. Now he is punishing all of us saying we will no longer celebrate holidays or birthdays anymore. And this whole week he has been picking fights with my mom and I, and it is never ending. This evening, I told my parents before to not put this harsh chemical spray on my cat, even my mom heard the vet say she does not recommend it because my cat can’t handle it. And what does my dad do? He black mails me, saying if I do not choose to put the spray on him then I have to find a new home for Skeeter. Then I was walking to my room to eat a bowl of soup and watch TV, then my parents yelled at me and forced me to go eat it in the kitchen. I never had that happen to me. They say, “You’re going to make a mess and your not allowed to eat soup in the room.” I am not fucking 5 years old and I don’t make messes. I have been eating in my room since the dawn of time.

Now, someone stole money from my little sister’s piggy bank, and I know who did it, but my dad thinks I am a suspect. Like what the hell, I have my own money, I have no reason to steal $20 from a kid. And my mom comes in my room just to glare at me.

I have no where to go and I am on the brink of breaking. I cannot stay here anymore. I just can’t…. I miss my friends and my boyfriend. I want to go back to college already and be on my own again. Here, I lose my freedom and independence.


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