We all had experiences where someone we loved or cared about betrayed us. I definitely had a handful of these experiences from lovers, friends, and especially family members. So we all know that it is an ugly feeling to feel.

I knew my brother had his issues, but I did not know how devious he really was. He wanted me to trust him, saying he was the better person compared to our other family members. But he had failed me, time and time again. This time around I was finally fed up with him lying to my face and stabbing me in the back.

I did not know he had been stealing money from all of us in the house these past few months. I kept, yes I know its silly, a baby chicken piggy bank, and when I moved back home, there was barely anything in it. The same thing happened to my dad and little sister. I confronted my brother about it and he admitted to it, saying, “There wasn’t much in it anyways.” No apology or anything, just that. It’s scary because he actually thinks stealing from loved ones is okay. So this past week he stole $20 from my little sister and he swore up and down that it was not him. But who else could it be? My parents have their own money, I have my own money, and why would my little sister steal from herself? And he stole from her before. He tricked her into giving him $40 so he can get something, telling my sister, “I am getting it for you. It’s going to be yours.” When in actuality he was buying it for himself. He has done this multiple times after the first incident.

He is a liar and a thief. He tried to pin the blame on myself and everyone else in the house. Why does he have to lie? Why does he feel like he has to steal from an innocent kid? I wanted to trust him, to believe in him, but I can’t. He betrayed me and took away my trust. How can he dare to lie to my face? 


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