When Life Gives You Lemons…

So life gives you lemons, but not all the ingredients to make lemonade, what do you do then?

My life as it is consists of never ending unhappiness and struggle. I never had a job in my life because no employer would give me the chance to be interviewed even though I had so much volunteer experience. Just last year I applied to over 30 jobs, and not one responded back to me. My application was not even considered.

I am 20 years old yet I do not know how to drive because I have no access to have a car. Also I have no one to teach me. I can’t transport myself from one place to another. I have tried pushing people to teach me, but they refuse. People say hire an instructor, but with what money? I can barely afford to buy food for myself.

America expects young adults to go to college in order to become successful and find a place in this world, but make it so god damn expensive and impossible for low income students like me. I worked so hard to be where I am now and this year, costs at my school went up and now I can no longer afford to pay for school. Even when I pulled out all my loans, it still does not cover the costs. Financial aid is supposed to help and what can they expect from a young woman who does not have a job? Who now has nothing?

I see how this country invests in building new sports stadiums, shopping malls, big businesses- the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Us college students are not a priority. We are not important yet we are expected to succeed even when we are denied the things that we need in order to succeed.

I have worked so hard all these years and yet I am denied all these things.

Now I have all these lemons and have no idea what to do with them now…..


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