Along For The Ride

Finally after a long, stressful day, I finished my first book this summer. I stopped reading once school was about to end and I have not touched a book since. I read Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen. I would not have picked this book since it is completely different from what I am used to reading, but my best friend recommended this story to me.

I loved it. I felt relatable to Auden’s character and we shared similar struggles. We both do not know how to ride a bike, academic obsessed, coffee lovers, and we both suffer from social awkwardness. I am glad that this author was able to address the themes of second chances, not quitting before you even tried, and to step outside our comfort zones-which I have a hard time doing so.

This story mainly focused on one girl’s quest to experience the things that was denied to her in high school, but she also found a piece of herself while on this journey. And I was proud of her in the end. Normally a lot of stories focus around a romantic interest, which this book did, but mainly it was the protagonist struggling with herself and her family.

Overall, I would recommend this book to any book lover willing to step out of their comfort zone and read something different. I am so thankful for my best friend Kayla for giving me so many books to read this summer and revived my love for reading.


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