Summer’s End

Where did the time go? Summer is finally at an end…

I had so many goals, so many things I wanted to do this summer, but nothing happened. The goals I had set out in the beginning were never fulfilled and overall this was one of the crappiest summers I had. While everyone was out with friends, going on adventures, and having a wonderful time, I was just here. I do not even know how I managed to pass the time. I feel like this house made me crazy.

I guess the lack of my productivity this summer was due to the fact that I have no friends where I live, no car or money, and not even my own place. I feel so useless because I cannot be independent. Actually I am denied independence. This entire summer has brought me down and everyday I wake up full of dread and tiredness. I am disappointed with myself. But at the same time it is not like I can leave the house because my parents say I am not allowed outside or that I want to go to the mall, but I can’t because everyone refused to drive me.
So now my third year of college starts next week and I cannot wait to go back to Santa Cruz. I miss my friends, my freedom, and my constantly busy schedule. I am also scared what the new year will bring me because I am living on my own without any of my friends to be there. When I move out, I will be back to a comfortable environment and hopefully then I can continue to work on my goals that I had been working towards during the school year.


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