UCSC: Third Year

I officially start my third year of college tomorrow morning. I have mixed feelings about how the quarter will go because it has the potential to be a great one, but sometimes things just do not pull through.

My goal for this year is to join or at least be apart of a campus organization where I can submit my work and have it published. It’s scary to have something, like writing, that is intimate and personal to be shown to the whole world. It is like giving apart of yourself to the reader and I do not know if I am ready to share that piece of myself yet. But my new housemate kinda inspired me to take that risk and just do it. I think I will, but what is hard is coming up with something to write about. I have so many ideas for stories and poems, but they never are able to make it down on paper.

Besides trying to accomplish my small goal, I am enjoying my new apartment and the inhabitants that live within it. They are really nice and funny, so this new home will have a lively atmosphere this year, which is different compared to my depressing previous years. After dealing with the food poisoning that I had a few days ago, I am actually pumped for the year to finally begin. Not only do I want the year to go by fast, but I want to be able to enjoy it because soon I am going to be a senior by the end of this year….

Well wish me luck!


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