Falling in Love Again

I only wrote once about you, about your loveliness and how amazing you were in my eyes. How in love I was with you. But during high school, our time together ran out and fate wouldn’t allow us to be together. It just wasn’t our time. I thought we would remain strangers after you left me, but something amazing happened. You reached out to me when I needed someone the most, and you became the most important person in my life. And soon I was falling in love with you again.

The Micheal that I have come to know and love is incredibly handsome, kind, nerdy, a sarcastic idiot, and he also has his sassy moments. We both love the same things like comic books, video games, super heroes, Star Wars, and all the possible nerdy things out there. But most importantly, what is special about Micheal is that he has a big heart. He will go out of his way to make time for you just so he can make you feel better or make it a mission to put a smile on your face. He has done so much for me that I cannot find the words to thank him enough.

I have never met someone as kind, loving, and understanding as him. He is very patient with me during my time with depression and he has supported me every step of the way. He is someone I can talk to about anything, no matter how big or small it may be. He lets me read my writing even though a lot of times he has no idea what I am talking about, but he still listens. He is someone I can rely on and I trust him with my secrets and my writing because he doesn’t judge me. I have told him my deepest secrets and his view of me never changed. That is truly amazing.

Even though he is insecure of his appearance, I think he is beautiful. All the way down to his imperfections, to those blue eyes, and that collar bone that sticks out beneath his skin. He does this thing when he laughs like putting his hand over his mouth or when I am teasing him he makes this adorable confused face. I always know what his responses would be haha.

Everyday I look forward to talking to him because I couldn’t imagine a day without seeing his face. He is all I think about while I am in class and thinking of what he is doing. Probably eating expired hot dogs or playing fucking League of Legends.

Its been awhile since I felt this kind of happiness like this feels right and I am where I need to be. I want him to be by my side and to help me up when I fall. I want to wake up everyday with his little face asleep, and in our bed we have our six cats and two dogs. That is the future I want. And Micheal, whatever decisions you make in life I will support you no matter what. I will never stop you from your dreams or tell you what you can or cannot be. Thank you for being by my side especially in these difficult months.

You left and now you are coming back to California for me. All I ever wanted was for someone to stay by my side and be able to be here physically and emotionally.

Micheal is my best friend, my foolish fool, and my lover. He’s my quirky boyfriend. And I am madly in love with him.


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