It was a rough start in the beginning of the new year. Most of it was dread because I automatically assumed this year was going to be shit. However, being back home in Santa Cruz has made me feel a lot more hopeful and optimistic for what is to come. 2016 was full of heartbreak, sadness, disappointment, and dread and I feel like the world owes me since I spent an entire year in hell.

I know it is up to me to make most out of the new year and I want things to be better. I have to make it better. I am tired of wallowing in bed all day or just staring at a blank wall. I want my days to have meaning and to be fulfilling even if it is just little things that brings me some sort of happiness.

For this year, I made some realistic goals to accomplish throughout the year. I have to give myself goals or else I would not do anything. These aren’t the typical new years’ resolutions, but goals that lead towards my happiness and well-being. I do not necessarily have to fulfill everything this year, but for it to be something to continue to work towards.

  •  Overcome depression
  • Continue going to therapy even if it seems like I am alright
  • Get back into drawing and writing
  • Read more books
  • Start taking walks again
  • Lose the excess weight I gained during my depression
  • Learn new recipes
  • Get a job so I am not stuck at home all the time
  • Expand my collection of candles
  • Treat myself to nice things once in awhile and not regret it
  • Hang out with friends whenever they invite me to go somewhere



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